Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A new start..

After months of pretending like this blog doesnt exist I've decided to give it new life, before when I started to write here I didnt have a computer, which honestly is not much different then the situation I'm in now, how ever I do have more access and plan to give this blog the care and attention it truley deserves, when we left off I was moving back to the shitty little city FAll River, MA. To catch up yes I'm still residing here, sleeping on my mothers couch, and once again working at subway but always looking for a better opportunity or maybe just a new one, who knows. Also to be clear Fall River is my home an I've never loved a place more,
Anyways last time I wrote It was still summer and my friend courtneys summer gift shopt (The Beach Hut) was still open on Cape in Dennis, Since then I sold all the inventory I gave her and made a good amount of profit which I'm proud of, how ever now that it's winter and I'm in fall river I've been on an endless quest to find new suitible venues, what I've found in my research is that fall river is a city waiting to be painted, there is a thriving art community here, and groups dedicated to Fall River arts but some how I still feel after all the efforts from the mayor and the people leading these coalitions the art scene is struggling to keep it's head above water, Fall River is a city full of hidden gems & treasures you have to take your time to find. In december the weekend before Christmas Brittany and I Rented out space at the local flea market and it was a complete bust we spent 20 and made maybe three dollars which was a dissapointment but not the hurdle, it was the wrong venue full of people shopping for dollar store items for fifty cents which is fine with me but alsoleaves me looking for something I started a face book group call Life Out'a Lemons Handmade Designs, Gifts and crafts. ( a name my boyfriend hates lol) and would like anyone who reads or follows my blog to check it out..and there it is the upward or downhill battle to make something of what I do in the past few months, thanks for reading!/pages/Life-Outa-Lemons-Handmade-designs-gifts-crafts/173109526062333


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let there be art!!!

that title was a little over dramatic.
but I just wanted to let you all now, tonight I will sew, tomorrow I'll post.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I need to make more tshirts.

This is a picture of a friend modeling one of my shirts , this one I didn't make to sell,but I like to keep records of everything I make.

more pictures and news soon <3

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bee's in the garden

so I don't think I'll be posting too much new stuff till I'm settled into my new/old home in fall river,yes that's right I put cape cod in place.. and that place is a very far distance away from me :)
I'm still selling things on cape though, for now that's the best venue for me I sold at least 70 dollars worth of my merchandise this week,which is exciting and just the incentive I needed to continue with my work.
now that I'm back in fall river its time to find new employment till I can quit my day job and be a Gypsy selling handmade goodies on the streets lol.
anyways I might be getting employment to a place that is the equivalent to Disney for me,savers!
there is nothing I don't love about savers since I've moved here Ive gone about 20 times alone to buy fabric and its just ...Idk if savers could be my life partner it would be.


anyways I plan on setting up a real etsy shop with cute banners and logos very soon where I'll list my items and you will be be inclined to spend your moneys :)
whether or not I get the job at savers I'm not going to be employed for another week and a half and I plan on spending every moment of that time doing you guessed it!
sewing <3

so I wish I could post some amazing pictures of the adorable new things Ive been working on but I'm using a dinosaur of a computer that wont support my camera :(

but for now I'll let you know that you will love it, I swear scouts honor ;)

but when I do get a new computer set up I took some really pretty pictures of the honeybees that were in my yard there were so many!
I wanna host a honeybee colony in my yard theirs plenty of Portuguese gardens for them to pollinate so why not!:)
haha alright I'm done rambling on for now with no pictures to keep you entertained,wish me luck<3

Monday, June 14, 2010