Monday, June 14, 2010


So even though there's been a delay in my Friends store opening,I've gotten a lot done and have a lot of faith that I'll make some money this weekend when we hopefully do finally open!
I took pictures of more of my merchandise ,decided on the name of my brand and am now stressing over coming up with a logo,I know what I want but I need a graphic design artist to help me out because all this computer design stuff gives me a head ache.Once the logos done and made I'll let everyone see it and have the link to my etsy store ,the other night I was banging out adorable little bags like I had my own assembly line going ,I was so excited to have so much more to add to my collection for the store,all this sewing to all hours of the night has taken its toll on me though ,my body does NOT want to get out of bed in the morning,I constantly feel like I've gotten hit by bus, now that cant be normal lol,hmm I wish I could quit my day job.

I've been stressing a lot lately I need to find an affordable place to live by the end of this month, and on cape cod this goal seems harder to reach then the cure for the common cold ,seriously,I dont see why my quality of life has to be lowered because of the way cape cod is set up,I pay 900 a month for basically a studio where everything in the apartment is cheaply made and in my building there are sex offenders, bums, alcoholics,at least once a month the cops are called ,I just don't thinks its fair.

A friend of mine has a full time job and can not afford to live in the town where she goes to school and works shes running out of options which leads to me staying on cape for a few more months through out the summer so she wont ultimately be homeless.
I just don't understand how a full time student and worker cant find any help or assistance but some of these losers living in my building pay zero a month because they DON'T have jobs,and they DON'T have an education, but they DO have drug addictions,disability checks,alcoholism ,and crack baby's,so here is my advice to my very well rounded constructive and hard working friend...

CUT THE SHIT ,obviously in order to get any help living or to be allowed to live at all on cape you have to trade your sewing needles in for heroin needles, your cat in for a crack baby,and your job for a full time position on the streets and then maybe the housing assistance of cape cod will think your worthy of their still overpriced homes in the projects.. ahh we can only dream.

Anywayyys tomorrows supposed to be gorgeous so along with the GRAND OPENING of the store I think I'll break out the bathing suit and hit the beach <3 :)!

I'm going to do another post that's only pictures of my merch ,thanks for reading <3

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